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 Neal Rashall  
 Phone (432)-413-0704 Email uncleneal@hotmail.com      

 “TRUTH is FREEDOM” Ministries in Complete support of Unchained Life Ministries

      From Drunk/Dopehead to Ordained Minister in six SHORT years.
      I had a Big advantage over most people I minister to. I was raised in a Good Christian family but, I still started making BAD Decisions at age 13. I never knew I had  chosen “Another Master” with my failure to Confess JESUS as LORD of my life. I started drinking at 13, sex at 14 leading to drugs at 23. The Enemy had me convinced I was doing what “I wanted to do”. I “Served” diligently for most of 40 years with   Alcohol, Sex, and Dope in total control of my life.  Today I “SERVE A NEW MASTER”
                                                                                    JESUS CHRIST is LORD

Junior Martin
Phone (806)-702-9093 Email junior5775@gmail.com

Went from a dope dealer to a HOPE dealer

    Hi my name is Junior got saved at 7 yrs old. When I hit my teenage years I decided I didnt need God no more... And decided to use drugs and drinking... My biggest dream in life was to be a big time drug dealer.. But my addiction held me back from being anything I ever wanted to be or could be... But God steped in and changed me... He took all them Chains that the devil had wraped around me and broke them!! And so today I still have a dream of dealing... But now im a Hope dealer And you got to meet my Connection His name is JESUS!! And He gots the good stuff!! My God is Bigger and Stronger than anything, He gave me a New Life!!

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